Law is an amazing trainer! He listens, he knows how to work with my back issues, and is super encouraging. I feel stronger everyday and I’m loving the results. Hire Law to get you in shape, you won’t be disappointed!”
— Briana L.
Law is the best trainer ever! I’ve only been working with him for 2 weeks, but I have no doubt I made the right choice. I came in nervous and with very little self confidence. He has constantly encouraged me and has never made me feel inadequate. Although the self confidence still needs improvement, he has shown me that I can do more than I thought possible. You can’t go wrong with him.
— Courtney T.
Law is very knowledgeable and does an awesome job of tailoring your workout to fit your needs. He is very personable and easy going. 10 out of 10 would recommend for anyone who is wanting to workout!
— Briana A.
Mr. Law Larson what an incredible trainer he is. Mr. Larson understands what it means to listen and take on your goals as his. He comes in to each session with a goal in mind and motivates you to complete each exercise and goes at your pace. He has transformed my body by building muscle while cutting fat and gaining weight, all at the same time. If there were more stars to give I would.
If you are looking to challenge yourself physically he is the trainer for you. If your looking to loose weight he is the person to see. If you want to gain strength and muscles he is the personal trainer for you. I would recommend him now and in the future to anyone who is looking for one. He is very versatile in his dynamics and training sessions. He has helped me set goals and we met and exceeded these goals in 12 sessions. He is a great trainer and person.
— Eric M.
Okay. I don’t write reviews,but this guy is worth it.

Disclaimer: I am incredibly long winded. But get to the bottom of it if you’re serious about getting yourself on track.

Sooooo I walked away from fitness about 5 years ago. Burned out and done. 5 years later, and I realized the huge void in my life was being physically fit.
I did my homework...researched the hell out of every trainer in Nashville. It was clear he was the best. This was last November? Maybe even October. I met with him. He was great, and I knew he was capable of getting me back to where I was so long ago. Well, true to form, I stalled. I came up with tons of lame excuses why I couldn’t start. Well, he was so intuitive after our first meeting, that he knew he was gonna have to stay on me to get me out of my fear zone. Okay, forget fear...truth was I was petrified to start over. I was at ground zero. Muscle tone was gone. Cardio was past the point of rescue. So he would randomly text and call me from October until March. 5 months! Who does that?? And he wasn’t pushing me for any financial gain on his part. He really gave a shit.

So I finally took the plunge. I cried a lot after each session. Starting over (or starting for the first time) is a daunting task. He gauged where I was. He pushed me (ever so gently), and always encouraged me when he saw I was ready to bail. (Seriously. I would sob at the end of every session. NO GUY likes that! But he was great. Super supportive, even if he was thinking “Man, this girl’s a hot mess!”

All I can say is do it. Call him. And trust him. You won’t be some random person he’s out to train. He will know exactly what to do with you. No “one size fits all” training here. Personalized just for you.

He knows what he’s doing on all levels of fitness and nutrition. So do it. Now!

Happy training!!!
~Em (Die hard Law fan)”
— Michelle A.